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Ivana | 20 | Digital Artist | Taken | Bisexual
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Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. I go by BitterCherry online, but you can call me Cherry for short.

I'm a self taught digital artist who started taking art seriously in December, 2014 when I was 13 years old. I've currently been drawing for 7 years and counting! Aside from drawing I like to game, enjoy media, or hang with friends in my free time.

I am female, but feel free to refer me by any pronouns of your choice! I won't be bothered, as long as it's not intended to be offensive in any way.

Before you interact, please keep in mind of the following things:

I am both socially awkward and an ambivert. Some days I'll be open and social, other days I'll be reserved and in need of space. Don't let that deter you from saying hi though! I do try my best to be welcoming.

I will not role-play (RP) with strangers/people I barely know; this includes ERP. Do not contact me asking or trying to instigate (E)RP prompts without my consent, it makes me very uncomfortable, and unwilling to engage with you at all. Do not interact if you have malicious/questionable intentions or to provide unsolicited advertisements/offers. I will also not engage in political, controversial, or problematic topics.

My personal life & wellbeing will always be top priority. Please be patient regarding response times, it's likely I'm away, busy, or simply needing a social recharge or shy. I do try to read every message I get, and will respond as soon as possible! Please don't feel pressured to respond quickly as well.

I am only be willing to engage with you if effort is put into the conversation by both parties. Low effort behavior or one-worded responses will only discourage and distance me from communicating, as small talk makes me uncomfortable. You can ask questions if it makes conversing easier, but just know I will not answer any question I'm uncomfortable with. Speaking of questions, if you have any you'd like to ask, read my FAQ first beforehand! Your answer may already be listed there.

Keep in mind when interacting, I am an adult. I'd prefer to chat with and befriend fellow adults around my age group or older, as it is my personal preference/boundary.

Thanks for reading! To view further information such as commission info or where to contact me, view the buttons

Before You Commission Me:

It is required to read my terms of service before ordering, to confirm you understand and agree to follow them. I will not make exceptions to any individual who has failed to read my ToS and comply with them.

My ToS is subjected to change overtime as I see fit, so be sure to check periodically to ensure you're up to date with any edited or new rules.

Ready to Order?

If yes, click my commission website below! My prices, examples, order form, contact info and more is provided on my website. I only accept PayPal as payment currently, which must be provided upfront in 50% or 100% before I start any progress.

If you need help converting your country's currency to match the equvilent of my USD (American Dollar) prices, please let me know!

Please note, there are certain subjects or creatures/characters that I am willing to draw, some that I will not draw and the rest I'm still practicing therefore unavailable at the moment.

If you're unsure if your subject matter fits in any of those 3 categories, do not hesitate to ask me about it. This is so I can determine if it's something I can or cannot work with!

P.S: You can also view my contact info in the buttons above!

Click this button below to view my website:

Ko-fi/Buymeacoffee Exclusives:

Did you know I also offer special commissions which are exclusive on my Ko-fi/Buymeacoffee? Click the button below for more details, my ToS still applies for Ko-fi/Buymeacoffee commissions.

Keep in mind, at this current time, both are still works in progress. But any support is greatly appreciated!

How to Contact Me:

The best ideal way to get in touch with me about commissions, or in general, is by messaging me on one of the following social medias by clicking on the icons below:

These sites/apps are the best methods to message me on, as they will notify me immediately. Please know however personal life, setbacks or emergencies can alter response times. But I always ensure to message back as soon as I can!

Keep in mind the Discord icons is my friends' discord servers, merely putting them here for promotion, stop by if you can!

If you do not or cannot use any of those sites/apps listed above, it's best to either:

Message me on Discord: BitterCherry#5504

Note: I sometimes get messages/add requests by suspicious accounts, so let me know who you are/what you're adding me for beforehand please, so I don't accidentally reject your message/add!

Or send an Email: [email protected]