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Ivana | 20 | Digital Artist | Taken | Bisexual
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Hello there! Thanks for stopping by, my name's Ivana but I'd appreciate it if you called me BitterCherry or Cherry for short instead; unless you're someone close to me.

I'm a self taught digital artist who started drawing back in late December, 2014 when I was 13 years old. I've currently been drawing for 6 years and counting! Aside from art I often play a game called fer.al, binge Netflix/Hulu/YouTube, tend to my pets or goof off with close friends.

I'm female, but feel free to refer me by any pronouns of your choice. I won't be bothered, as long as it's not intended to be offensive in any way.

Before messaging: Please keep in mind I am both socially awkward and introverted. Some days I'll be open or social, other days I'll be reserved or in need of space. Don't let that deter you from saying hi though! I do try my best to be welcoming.

One thing I'd greatly appreciate though, is that you do not message me trying to engage/solicit in roleplay/ERP or NSFW stuff. It makes me very uncomfortable and not want to message back at all.

However, I can only be willing to converse with you if effort is put into the conversation by both parties. Low effort or one-worded responses will only discourage and distance me from communicating. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated and I will offer the same for you too!

If you have any questions, wanna keep in touch with my art or interested in my commissions, please check out the buttons provided. Thanks for reading!

Before You Commission Me:

It is required to read my terms of service before ordering, as it has a codeword hidden in it to confirm you have read and agreed to my TOS. That codeword is required to be placed on your order form regardless where you submit it to me, click the button below to view my TOS:

Ready to Order?

If yes, click my commission website below! My prices, examples, order form, contact info and more is provided on my website. I only accept PayPal USD as payment, and said payment must be provided upfront in full or half before I begin any progress.

Please note, there are certain subjects or creatures/characters that I am willing to draw, some that I will not draw and the rest I'm still practicing therefore unavailable at the moment.

If you're unsure if your subject matter fits in any of those 3 categories, do not hesitate to ask me about it. This is so I can determine if it's something I can or cannot work with!

P.S: You can also view my contact info in the buttons above!

Click this button below to view my website:

How to Contact Me:

The best ideal way to get in touch with me about commissions, or in general, is by messaging me on one of the following social medias by clicking on the icons below:

These sites/apps are the best methods to message me on, as they will notify me immediately. Please know however personal life, setbacks or emergencies can alter response times. But I always ensure to message back as soon as I can!

If you do not or cannot use any of those sites/apps listed above, it's best to either:

Message me on Discord: BitterCherry#5504

Or send an Email: [email protected]